There was a time not that long ago when the idea of putting a photo of me anywhere near my website—much less the idea of becoming the face of my business—was met with a swift “nope.”


Julie Green, copywriter, freelance writer, Billings, MontanaAdmittedly, it’s somewhat ironic. You see, while a lot of people are afraid of things like public speaking and training, none of that phases me in the least. I do brand discovery sessions and branding presentations in front of groups of stakeholders and decision-makers all the time. But putting myself out there in the digital world? Well, THAT was infinitely more uncomfortable.

Thanks to a woman I’ve come to know and admire a great deal, Alison J. Prince, I have slowly begun to change that perspective. She built several multi-million-dollar businesses almost exclusively from behind the anonymity of her computer screen. The very idea of speaking in front of people was a most definite no-go.

A few years ago, she did the unthinkable and launched a business to teach others what she knows. That meant stepping in front of a camera. It meant her doing presentations to thousands of people digitally—and eventually even in person. I watched her captivate a room of more than 200 people as she shared some of the most challenging lessons she’d learned as an entrepreneur. If you’d asked her two years ago if she’d do it, she would have said a resounding “no.” But she overcame her fear to help others and inspire them.

Ultimately, I figured that if she could do it, so could I. Here are some of the reasons I decided to go for it:

So there you have it—why I decided after 5 years to get real and become the face of my business.  I hope you enjoy exploring my updated site and that if you need help with writing projects, including product descriptions, emails, or blogging, you’ll get in touch.

Julie Green, copywriter in Billings Montana

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