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I first had the opportunity to meet Jeremy Freyenhagen years ago during a business meeting about his marketing efforts; however, I knew of him and his company long before that. Many of the articles I’d written for Magic City Magazine were related to Billings homes that had undergone renovation, and the Freyenhagen name was one I’d heard over and over. It was synonymous with remodeling projects that featured beautiful, modern kitchens and spacious rooms that reflected the personality and lifestyle of the families who lived in those homes.  I could often walk into a home and know instantly that it was Freyenhagen Construction that completed the renovation. That’s why it was my pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him on marketing efforts that celebrated his 20th year in business as well as other projects that helped to tell the story of this truly remarkable company.

Business Lessons from Freyenhagen Construction

Before showing you some of the work Box 117 Creative was able to help Jeremy and his team in creating, I want to share some of the things that are remarkable about Freyenhagen Construction:

  1. The first is a lesson that I think many of us in business can learn from: Jeremy found a niche. When he started the business, there were few contractors in Billings that specialized in home renovation–most were focused on building new homes. He saw an opportunity to build his business helping people who loved the location of their home but who wanted to improve their home to make it work better for their family or their lifestyle.
  2. Over time and as Freyenhagen Construction grew, he also identified who is ideal clients were and the kinds of projects his company could truly excel in finishing. He also began to focus on additional products and services that would be serve the needs of the company’s target customers, essentially creating a “one stop shop” to make the process more convenient and enjoyable for the people he serves.
  3. Freyenhagen Construction took the steps and made the investments needed to offer its clients a one-of-a-kind experience from start to finish. It starts by interviewing clients in their homes to learn what their goals are, then allowing them to watch their project come to life digital before “demo day” ever begins. The company’s unique scheduling system also lets clients know exactly what’s happening next on their project–giving them a level of communication that makes them feel a part of the process.

Storytelling in Marketing

Many of the opportunities Box 117 Creative was able to work with Jeremy and the Freyenhagen Construction team on came in the form of print. We worked closely with Drew Bennett at Freeform Design to create ads in local publications designed to keep Freyenhagen Construction top of mind for potential clients while also showcasing the company’s work.

The first series of ads introduced the company’s new tagline “Built for YOUR life,” created to emphasize Freyenhagen Construction’s emphasis on creating spaces that were uniquely designed to fit the clients’ life and lifestyle.  They also celebrated the company’s 20tb anniversary–no small achievement in their industry. The look and feel came from the newly updated, SEO-copy rich and fully responsive website we’d created for the company partnering with Billings, Montana based Webgrain:

Box 117 Creative, Freyenhagen Construction, Spring 2015 print ads

The next series of print ads built on the first, continuing the emphasis on storytelling while expanding to show more of the company’s work. By including before-and-after images and floor plans, prospective clients could see that a once closed-off space could become the open concept so many homeowners want.

Freyenhagen Construction worked with Box 117 Creative on these storytelling print ads

Jeremy even chose to do a full spread in one holiday issue, making it instantly feel a part of the magazine rather than just an ad.

Freyenhagen Construction spread created by Box 117 Creative

As we moved forward, we looked for a more innovative way to call out some of the company’s USP’s, which include their attention to detail, commitment to timelines and ability to manage everything all under one roof.  Client photos and story continued to be incorporated in the ads–something which has long been associated with the company’s marketing efforts. Freyenhagen Construction Print Ads with Box 117 Creative, Billings, MT

It was also my pleasure to work with Freyenhagen Construction and Billings video production company Spotlight Productions to create videos that speak to the company’s quality and work:

Freyenhagen Construction Video featuring the Ballards

Freyenhagen Construction Video featuring the Steels

Freyenhagen Construction Video featuring the Collins

When a company has a company has a great story to tell, it’s a privilege to help tell it.  Freyenhagen Construction is one of those companies. To learn more about them (and to see their amazing renovation work), visit them online at  And to find out how Box 117 Creative can help your company tell your own exceptional story, use this handy contact form.

Julie Green, Box 117 Creative, Billings, MT

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