Let’s Work Together

You do what you love and let me handle the rest.

One of the first things that I’ll ask you when we sit down together for the first time is something along the lines of, “Why did you start your business?” 

My guess is that you won’t answer, “Because I wanted to write my website and a bunch of other marketing stuff.”  So far, nobody’s said that (not even the founder of the ad agency I worked for.) 

Nah, you started your business because you had a great idea, or were ready to turn a hobby into a full-fledge company, or because you just have an insane passion for what you do. 

So how ‘bout this: you do what you truly love as a business owner and let me handle writing about it. Sound like a good deal? 

Is your interest officially piqued? That’s the plan.

Here are the services that might be of most interest to you:


Need a script for a video? How ‘bout radio, or something that can be broadcast on a streaming platform? Working together, we can make something pretty dang epic. You can even depend on me to find the right voice to capture your brand personality.

Marketing & Campaign Creation

Make sure your next ad campaign looks, sounds, and delivers the way you want it to. That includes print, digital, out of home (the fancy way of saying “billboards”) and pretty much anything else we can come up with. I wanted to wrap a city bus like a loaf of bread once, so the sky—or the road, in this case—is the limit.

Brand Development

What does your brand say about you? Let me take a deep dive into who and what your company really is.


Everyone can write. Few can write well. Experience the difference on your upcoming projects.

Creative Director

Let me work with you and your team on messaging and visual communication efforts. I focus on brand consistency and amplifying your brand across multiple media.

Training & Speaking

Are you looking for a creative speaker for an event? Do you need to give your team training on your marketing or branding efforts? Lemme help.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve worked with very large organizations like hospital systems as well as small, independent companies—and the types of businesses vary widely. Welding companies, dentists, public speakers, restaurants…the list is wonderfully diverse. 

No…and yes. I’m not a designer or programmer myself, but I love working with professionals who are. If your projects require these types of services, I’ll connect you with fantastic people who are exceptional at what they do (and we’ll work together!)

I’m pleading the Fifth…but suffice it to say that I am a loyal customer. It’s especially good over pebble ice (aka: the good ice) and with fresh lime. And yes, you can absolutely tell the difference between Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke.

Then I’ll tell you. If I see that your particular needs are better served by a larger agency or marketing firm, I’ll refer you to someone else. I don’t want to waste your time—I want you to receive the service you need in a way that suits you best. 

Prepare for an answer you might hate: it depends. On what? On the type of project, whether you are a non-profit organization, and a variety of other specifics. I’ll provide you pricing via a proposal that I create specific to you.

It had about 600 people, a church, a bar, a gas station, and a post office…and it was absolutely heaven on earth. Oh—and we consolidated with two other schools my sophomore year of high school, and my graduating class still only had 27 kids in it. (And that included a foreign exchange student.)  Small towns are the BEST.

My business is like many others—my ability to accept new clients varies on a variety of things, like the number and types of projects currently underway or due to begin. But rest assured: if restraints won’t let me take you on as a client, I’ll let you know quickly and provide a referral if needed.

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