Meeting the Haslams

Were I to guess, I would say the first time I saw Michele and Cody Haslam, it was on the playground at our local elementary school. Their daughter and my son would have been going into kindergarten together. I admittedly don’t remember much about that day, as there were a lot of tears being shed, and I don’t think the Haslams and I actually introduced ourselves to one another.

Now, fast-forward a few years (and a few tears) later.  Together, the Haslams and I had survived piano lessons, school fundraisers, class parties and our oldest two heading from elementary school to junior high (yes, more tears.)   In that time, I’d left the marketing firm here in Billings I worked with and launched Box 117 Creative, and Michele and I would talk about how things were going, often hanging out of car windows as we waited for our kids outside various venues.

In those conversations, I also had the chance to learn more about Cody and his dental practice, Haslam Family Dental. I found out more about his philosophy of care with his patients, how committed he is to their wellbeing and why he places such a high value on not just a bright white smile, but overall dental health.

The first time we all met to discuss his marketing efforts, everything just started clicking into place.  We began with social media, creating custom images that combined education and entertainment, both of which Dr. Haslam is passionate about.  We also decided it was time to refresh their logo to make it a bit brighter and, last but not least, give them a new site that would allow them to share more about who Dr. Haslam and his team are—and the kind of care they give their patients.

I hope you’ll take a few moments to check out, the site we created with the development and programming team at Webgrain.  While you’re there, learn more about Dr. Haslam and the excellent service he provides as well.  As one of his newest patients, I can honestly say that he is truly an outstanding dentist.

The New Site: (Web navigation design, web content, image selection, project management)

Website for Haslam Family Dental

The Haslam Family Dental Facebook Page (Image creation, content development social media management)

Haslam Social Media Management

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