Cody WY – bringing history back with a website.

If you were to ask people what they knew about Cody, Wyoming, most of them would likely talk about the man after which it was named: William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Few, however, would be able to tell you about the history of the pioneers who settled the Big Horn Basin in which the town is nestled or know about one of the most unusual art pieces in the region.

In coordination with Kinetic Marketing & Communications, I had the opportunity to help change that by creating a dynamic new website sharing the story of the Cody Mural and its attached pioneer museum. The new site shares the story of not only how the mural and museum came to be, but why they came to be. Because I am originally from the Big Horn Basin, I admit that getting to tell the story of its settlement at the turn of the last century was a great personal experience. Professionally, I am also pleased to know that the client’s goals of gaining a higher profile among tourists from around the world via its website continue to be realized.

Work completed:

Project: Cody Mural Website

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