I began my freelance career writing for an award-winning local publication called Magic Magazine.

My first article coincided with the 30th anniversary of Roots, and I had the opportunity write about something I’m actually fairly fascinated with: genealogy.  Since that time, I’ve written countless articles on homes (getting to tour people’s homes is awesome, in case you’re wondering) for the magazine, and occasionally have the chance to whip up something a little different.  Once such occasion was late in 2013, when I was challenged to write “Time Savers That Aren’t.” The goal of the piece was to look at those things that are supposed to essentially make life more efficient but instead do precisely the opposite.

There are times in every writer’s life, I suppose, when prose practically falls from their brain through their fingertips and right onto the screen. Those block-free moments are pure, unadulterated joy. It just so happens, this article happened precisely that way.  The inspiration struck, and out everything came in a lighthearted stream.  As I recall, it took less than 45 minutes to write from start to finish, and I had a ball.

I do wish that all of my freelance writing projects could be that fun and that easy; after all,  I’m like everyone else who’s ever experienced writer’s block and agonized over every letter in every word in every sentence. So I look at it as a gift, and can’t wait to receive another one just like it.

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