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I clearly remember the day that I met Dr. David Bauer and Dr. Robin Clausen of Bauer & Clausen Optometry for the first time. I was to come to their office, which certainly seems an easy enough task…until I first parked in the wrong parking lot and then, when I did find the right door, went completely the wrong direction. Perhaps I should have asked them to check my prescription then and there–but they were both incredibly gracious to me about being a few minutes late.  In the time that followed, I learned about how they started their business and, more importantly, where they hoped to take it. They expressed their main goal was some help with their social media. Having done some research about them prior to our meeting, I agreed there were some opportunities.  As it turned out, however, that was only the beginning of a series of amazing work created for this outstanding optometry office.

Social Media

This was a client for whom social media really helped to build a solid brand. Bauer & Clausen Optometry already offered beautiful eyeglasses, trend-setting sunglasses and had an amazing customer service team. My job was to figure out a way to capture all of that, and knew that a combination of custom photography and on-trend messaging would be a great start. Working with local photographer Nikki Schaubel, that’s exactly what Box 117 was able to do.

Social Media Management for Bauer & Clausen - Box 117 Creative


In addition to product and service posts for Bauer & Clausen, informational, education and humor posts were also included as part of their social media strategy and execution. We even used it to introduce team members and celebrate internal successes.

Social Media Management, Box 117 Creative, Billings, Montana, Bauer & Clausen

Ultimately, these same posts were resized to create images that could be easily rotated on screens in the waiting room, and some of the images were included in calendars and even in-office art installations.

In-Office and Patient Marketing

I will always remain impressed with Dr. Bauer and Dr. Clausen’s attention to finding ways to keep in touch with their patients. An updated rack card shares information with patients and visitors while they’re in the office, and engaging letters focused on sharing information with patients as well as the parents/guardians of pediatric patients continued to educate and inform. (Graphic Design by Freeform Design Co.) 

Rac Card and Patient Mailer, Bauer & Clausen Optometry, Patient Marketing




Thank you notes to patients who referred others to the practice include a special return offer, while colorful pull-up banners share promotions or seasonal events. In-Office Banners and Thank You Notes for Bauer & Clausen Optometry

Another engagement effort included adding inserts into patient statements, like this one:

Billing Insert, Bauer & Clausen Optometry, Billings, MT

Print Advertising & Direct Mail

Bauer & Clausen Optometry was already doing print ads with local publications when Box 117 Creative came on board. After seeing our work with social media, they asked us to share ideas for those ads as well.  These efforts allowed our team to reach new audiences for Bauer & Clausen while showcasing the client’s sophisticated look in seasonal ways.  (Design by Freeform Design and WutzPossible)

Print ads for Bauer & Clausen Optometry - Box 117 Creative

I also got to put more of m writing skills to work as I assisted in creating feature stories about eye health for Billings-area magazines.

As the founders of Bauer & Clausen Optometry, David and Robyn also wanted to try a variety of methods to reach out to new clients. In addition to online and print ad efforts, they decided they’d like to do a multiple “touch” direct mail campaign. It included a letter, postcards and a “lumpy” mailer complete with eyeglass cleaning cloth.  It was an effort that definitely got people talking–and bringing them into the practice.

Direct Mailer Letter, Bauer & Clausen OptometryDirect Mail Marketing, Bauer & Clausen Optometry, Billings, Montana Postcard 1 Bauer & Clausen Optometry Direct Mail Campaign





Bauer & Clausen Optometry Direct Mail Campaign Postcard 3

“On the Move” Marketing Campaign

Although virtually every project Box 117 created for Bauer & Clausen Optometry was fun and engaging, perhaps one of the most exciting was to help them announce the opening of their new office. It was something they’d been planning for years, and getting to be a part of its rollout was truly fantastic.  Postcards, billings inserts, postcards, social media posts and advertisements all announced the news as ground was broken and a beautiful new space was created.

Marketing new office for Billings optometrists


Box 117 Creative also worked closely with the Billings Gazette, which featured Bauer & Clausen Optometry in their Construction Zone special feature.  The write up talked about the unique characteristics of the new office, from the spa-like setting to the latest technology being used to improve patient experience.

PR for Bauer & Clausen Optometry - Billings, Montanan


A VIP event was the an ideal way to showcase all of Dr. Bauer and Dr. Clausen’s work in creating their new space. Our team had the opportunity to create a unique gate-fold invitation and assist with event planning to make sure it all went off without a hitch.


Gate-folded VIP open house invitation for Bauer & Clausen Optometry, Billings, MT


Bauer & Clausen VIP event photos


A public open house was also held to welcome patients and others throughout the community to tour new the new Bauer & Clausen Optometry. In addition, a match-fold “hello neighbor” went out to other businesses in the area as part of welcome baskets, while everyone in the nearby neighborhood received a special greeting of their own.


Last but certainly not least, Box 117 Creative had the opportunity to work with Bauer & Clausen Optometry to create a new website that reflected who they are today as well as where they’re going tomorrow. The responsive, mobile-friendly now features stunning lifestyle photography as well as more information about eye care, the beautiful eyewear carried by Bauer & Clausen and information for new patients to help ensure their experience is an outstanding one.  David and Robyn allowed Box 117 to take the lead on design and content while providing great insights about the services they provide and how they provide them differently. (Before and after shots, below)

Before and After Website

The fact is,  I and the graphic designers, programmers and photographers I work with were immensely blessed the day we began to help Bauer & Clausen Optometry move their brand forward. They are wonderful people with a great mission for serving their patients–and best of all, they are fantastic eye doctors.  Just ask my family and me–we all count ourselves fortunate to be patients of Dr. Bauer, Dr. Clausen and Dr. Forsch.  If you’re looking for an eye doctor here in Billings, I hope you’ll give them a call. And if you’d like to have help moving your brand forward in a big way, too–feel free to reach out to me.

Julie Green, Box 117 Creative, Billings, MT



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