Seeing Clearly: Bauer & Clausen Optometry

Marketing for Bauer & Clausen Optometry, Billings, Montana - Box 117 - Julie Green

I clearly remember the day that I met Dr. David Bauer and Dr. Robin Clausen of Bauer & Clausen Optometry for the first time. I was to come to their office, which certainly seems an easy enough task…until I first parked in the wrong parking lot and then, when I did find the right door, […]

Why I Love Writing for Websites

Box 117 Web Copy Typing

I {Heart} Writing Website Copy I have an admission to make: One of my favorite things on this earth (professionally, at least) is writing for websites. Many writers may not understand why; they may love technical writing or legal writing or creative writing (yeah–I like that one too) or writing hard-hitting journalistic pieces that topple governments […]

4 Reasons Writing Content for Your Own Business is Hard

small business owner write content

Having trouble writing content for your own business?  You’re not alone. One of the questions small business owners often ask is why they struggle with writing content for their websites. After all, they reason, shouldn’t they of all people be able to tell the world (and their potential customers) about who they are and what they […]

Getting to Know Haslam Family Dental

Meeting the Haslams Were I to guess, I would say the first time I saw Michele and Cody Haslam, it was on the playground at our local elementary school. Their daughter and my son would have been going into kindergarten together. I admittedly don’t remember much about that day, as there were a lot of […]

Cody Mural Website

Cody WY – bringing history back with a website. If you were to ask people what they knew about Cody, Wyoming, most of them would likely talk about the man after which it was named: William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Few, however, would be able to tell you about the history of the pioneers who settled the […]

The Executive Group Website

The Executive Group is a recruitment firm located in Billings, Montana. Working with Echelon Design & Advertising and Webgrain, I had the opportunity to participate in the creation of a new website for the company. This was the first project I completed with The Executive Group, which required I invest the time needed to learn more about […]