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The Executive Group is a recruitment firm located in Billings, Montana.

Working with Echelon Design & Advertising and Webgrain, I had the opportunity to participate in the creation of a new website for the company.

This was the first project I completed with The Executive Group, which required I invest the time needed to learn more about them, how they operated and what set them apart. Their former site had not been updated in a number of years, so creating a tone that was both professional and engaging was a “from scratch” effort. Fortunately, Echelon Design & Advertising was great to work with, and the team at The Executive Group was generous both in terms of sharing their time and thoughts with me.  This led to what I believe is very positive outcome both in terms of experience and results.

Work completed:

  • Site map creation and review
  • Client interviews
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Biography writing
  • Website content creation
  • SEO key word/key phrase research
  • Meta title creation
  • Meta description creation

See the completed website here.

Project: The Executive Group Website - Freelance Writer

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