Who I Am

Hi—I’m Julie Green and I’m the founder of Box 117 Creative. I founded this company in 2013 with a vision of helping business owners succeed in meeting their goals. I specialize in copywriting, branding, content development and social media management, but I thrive on finding new ways to express great ideas.

I love words.

That’s probably not much of a surprise.

I honestly cannot remember a time when reading and writing didn’t occupy my thoughts. So while I considered a variety of career paths, writing was always and forever a part of them. There are a number of people who love the written word, however, so why do my clients choose to work with me?

My expertise is in storytelling.

While I have a background in legal and business writing and have also written for magazines and other media outlets, my primary focus for the last decade has been marketing.

My job is to create and/or reflect a company’s brand, sharing who they are and why what they do is unique. I’ve written for industries as diverse as healthcare and hospitality to residential construction and oil field development. I look for opportunities to develop a tone and tenor for my clients that is truly their own, allowing them to share their corporate personalities in a way that will draw their ideal clients to them.

I understand business owners.

I have experience on both sides of the table.

My writing and marketing career truly began when I worked as part of an in-house marketing team for a large mortgage lending company. That experience gave me an exceptional perspective about the experience of being a client. And today, as a business owner myself, I understand the pressures that you’re under when it comes to making the most of your marketing investment.

I believe in surrounding myself with the best.

That’s why I partner up from time to time.

Over the last decade I’ve learned that the best results come when people who are passionate about what they do come together to share their talents, energy and ideas. That’s why I choose to partner with amazingly talented graphic designers, web teams, voice talent, photographers and other experts to bring work alive. While we aren’t all under one roof, they are definitely a part of Box 117 Creative’s success.

]If you’d like to know more about me and whether I would be a good fit for your business, I invite you to contact me. I’d love to chat.