Having trouble writing content for your own business?  You’re not alone.

One of the questions small business owners often ask is why they struggle with writing content for their websites. After all, they reason, shouldn’t they of all people be able to tell the world (and their potential customers) about who they are and what they do?

The answer is…usually not.

Here’s why:

writing your own business content1.You’re too close to your own business.

Sounds weird, right?  Is being too close and knowing something too well a detriment?  Well, when it comes to writing content, it can be.  Because a business owner knows every teeny-tiny detail of what they do and how they do it, finding the right balance between sharing all that they know versus what’s important (and interesting) to the audience they’re trying to reach can be difficult.

2.You think in industry-speak.

Imagine sitting around a table with a doctor, a corporate attorney, a civil engineer, a landscape architect, a former paralegal and two nurses—all of them talking about what they do and getting into the nitty-gritty details of the last few projects they’ve been working on.  While the paralegal and lawyer may have common ground, the civil engineer may have no earthly idea what they’re bantering on about.  He and the landscape architect chat about a large water project, which in turn is of no interest to the medical people.  It’s a veritable Tower of Babel—with the exception of the fact that It’s actually what happens around the dining room table when my family gets together. Everyone has something interesting to share, but until they stop using the industry speak they’re used to, few will understand what they’re actually saying.

So it is with almost any business.  You may how to share information using industry speak, but need help remembering that a potential target customer might not understand what you’re talking about. That’s where working with a third party who can “translate” your knowledge into content that will appeal to the people you want to reach most.

3.You don’t like how you write.

Although I believe everyone on earth has a great story to tell, I recognize that not everyone is comfortable writing their or sharing their own message.  You may not feel that you’re a great writer or are uncomfortable with coming up with ideas.  That’s okay—and there are options out there (pick me! pick me!) who can help you create content you’re comfortable with.

4.Be honest: you just don’t have time to spend writing content.no time for writing content

By the end of the day, most business owners look at the clock and realize that they’ve barely had time to check their email, much less create content for their website, work on marketing campaigns or deal with social media. Sound familiar?  You’re not alone.  Content development takes time, which comes at a premium for most business owners.  Invest in good content and it more than pays for itself—while saving you time.

For those business owners out there who are creating their own great website and marketing content—I salute you.  And for those who may be too busy, too close, too industry-focused (and those who just hate writing), feel free to get in touch.Signature Julie

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