Making My Leap

As the saying goes, “Leap and a net shall appear.”

Not long ago I posted a question on my Facebook page: what was the greatest leap of faith you ever made…and what were the results of that leap? Although I knew most of the people who responded quite well, many of their answers surprised me. For one it was going back to school; for another, it was moving to a new city, for another it was publishing her first book and for another it was running for public office.

Well, creating Box 117 Creative was–and still is–my leap. Working on my own (aka becoming a freelance writer on a full-time basis) was not something I’d ever considered.  I have been lucky to work for some great companies and work alongside some amazingly talented professionals for years.  So when the concept of starting my own business was presented I was at first hesitant…and yet it just felt right. After all, I’d been a freelance writer on the side for nearly 6 years, writing for magazines, creating web copy and writing other marketing pieces for various businesses–and I loved that, too.

So, after talking with my very supportive and understanding boss, the leap was taken. Thus far, it’s been remarkably fulfilling, and I am more excited than ever to meet and help other business owners who are making leaps of their own.

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